Silence (bouddhisme)

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Silence (bouddhisme).

Le Grand Silence (leçon 238)

en cours de traduction

To those who have known the power of Silence – those who have sensed the operation of the tremendous life forces as they thrill through space, and have sunk into that perfect stillness where the soul enters the thought currents of the Infinite, and loses all sense of time and space as it drifts out into unfathomable depths or rises to unspeakable heights – to such as these may great secrets of life become clear.

The statements relating to the re-creating, purifying processes of nature and of the soul, made by those who know, are no longer mere words, for all such labor is accomplished in Silence and in darkness. The vision of a single soul confined in some limited area of space to work out its salvation in silence and darkness is no longer a fearsome tragedy to the mind of the occultist – or a merciless act of an over-just Creator. It is the merciful, loving act of a Father who knows that within that soul is the seed of its purification-a Spark from the Living Fire of God, that tan only accomplish its divine mission if it be shut up in the fastnesses of the soul, and allowed to do its work in such Silence and darkness, as God must always work in to bring His own to birth.

When we realize that the filthiest matter of which we are cognizant, the fecal matter of animal and human excretion, tan be brought to a state of as perfect purity as the purest water of the mountain stream, by means of the life force working in and through it, if it be closely confined, shut off from light, and air, and sound ; and tan also understand that that life force is pure Prana – the very substance of God – it is pot difficult to understand how even the vilest creature has within him the germ of a Higher Self, which only requires the right conditions, the silence and darkness of the tomb of soul, to bring to birth an ever living entity, pure and undefiled.

If there be a purgatory for sinning souls, what is it but a reflection of that greater, holier Silence and Darkness of spiritual creation – a state wherein those souls may be confined until the God spark within them may have time and opportunity, through spiritual suffering, to churn, crush, mingle and intermingle the essence of their lower natures until they are freed from all impurities, and those souls, reclothed, are made meet to once more come forth and take their place among the Sons of God ?

Verily, you should love the Silence and the Darkness – even as the light, and strive with all your hearts to fathom their mysteries ; always entering their portals with humble, patient hearts, and remaining there until there is brought to birth the germ of Wisdom now lying dormant within you.

Only then tan you bear the Light of Spirit without being irretrievably blinded by Its rays.

(source : Les Enseignements du Temple de Maître Hilarion)

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