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Sevekh, de l'égyptien. Le dieu du temps : Chronos, identique à Sefekh. Quelques orientalistes le traduisent par "septième".

(source : "Glossaire Théosophique" d'Héléna Blavatsky)

Also Sebeq and Sebeq-Ra. The planet Mercury in the Greco-Roman period in Egypt; also the crocodile-headed deity about whom very little has come down to us. Because of his association with the crocodile and Set, his attributes were popularly considered as evil; in The Book of the Dead, however, Sebek is named together with three other deities as dwelling on the mount of sunrise, helping Horus to be reborn daily. He is represented as giving the eyes to the deceased and assisting the pilgrim to be reborn.

(source : "Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary", traduction d'Esopedia)

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