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Asclépios ou Esculape, du grec. God of healing and medicine, son of Apollo by Coronis, educated by the centaur Chiron. When Aesculapius brought the dead back to life, Zeus at the behest of Hades killed him with a thunderbolt.

He is often identified with Mercury, the divine healer or cosmic serpent, represented by the caduceus of Mercury; and in some of his functions he is the same as Ptah in Egypt, creative intellect or wisdom, and as Apollo, Baal, Adonis, and Hercules (La Doctrine Secrète, II, p.208 et I, p.353). Also called the serpent and the savior: "Esculapius, Serapis, Pluto, Knoum, and Kneph, are all deities with the attributes of the serpent. Says Dupuis, 'They are all healers, givers of health, spiritual and physical, and of enlightenment' " (La Doctrine Secrète, II, p.26). Thus Aesculapius is mystically the divine healer or healing power, the ray of divine wisdom emanating from the spiritual sun in man.

(source : "Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary", traduction d'Esopedia)