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Texte anglais original des Teachings Temple

There are many to whom these Instructions are sent who are nod able to obtain the books containing our expositions of the Ancient wisdom, and to whom, therefore, many of our allusions are unintelligible. More especially is this true of those who have come out from under the bondage of the modern church, and while still holding the person and character of Jesus in reverence and love, know not just where to place Him in the scale of human life, under their changed convictions, or else who are disposed to put Him on the same level with other men.

Every age has its Christ or Saviour, who may manifest under different conditions and in one or more human bodies ; but by an age we must not be understood as meaning a few hundred years, for many thousand years comprise such an age as is now referred to.

In the 1st Vol. of the Secret Doctrine, in the opening stanzas of the third chapter, occur these words : "The three fall into the four." This sentence contains the whole secret of the manifestation of the Saviours of all time. Whether the trinity of Father, Mother, Son ; Atma, Buddhi, Manas ; Matter, Force and Consciousness ; Desire, Will and Wisdom ; or Body, Soul and Spirit is under consideration, is of no consequence ; for in their last analysis, they are all One, and this One in Three is the Absolute, the life and being of all that is in manifestation on all the planes of the Cosmos, and each must be understood as interchangeable, though complete in itself when separated ; and whichever one of the three aspects (or persons, as the church teaches them to be) manifests in time or eternity, manifests perfectly ; that is, manifests with all the attributes of the other two.

This three-fold manifestation of life and being "is eternal in the Heavens", and always has been, and always will be in that state of consciousness commonly termed Nirvana or Heaven. It is inconceivable to think of It as withdrawing any part of itself, for It is a unit, It is the God.

No form of words can adequately describe the descent of this God into Matter, for matter was not in manifestation until the descent was accomplished. The principle of Shadow conveys as nearly as is possible an idea of the process. The Three, that is, the Three in One – created and became all Substance, all Matter, by a process akin to the casting of a shadow on the physical plane, that is by projecting the creative thought into temporary form and substance ; that substance having all the attributes (in a lesser or more modified degree) of its progenitors.

To cast a shadow, a form must pass between the sunlight and the earth ; the sun, the body and the earth are three different grades or rates of vibration of matter, and these constitute the agents by orb through which the shadow is cast, and they correspond to three different agents and attributes of the three great creative fires, represented by the Trinity before mentioned.

Now, in order to assist you, who find it difficult to comprehend Unity in Diversity, we will take one aspect of the Trinity – the Son, which must also be considered as Cosmic Substance or Matter, in the ; trinity of Matter, Force and Consciousness ; as Body, in Body, Soul and Spirit ; as Manas, in Manas, Buddhi and Atma. This aspect of the Son is the Christos, the Saviour, the Angel of Light, that fell from. heaven into manifestation, not because of evil, but to fulfill the Desire, or the Father-principle's Will, which was the creation of matter, its evolution, and final redemption.

Every atom of manifested matter possesses this principle ; consequently, every human being ; but it is dormant until brought out and, developed ; and can only be developed by the highest instincts of the Soul. Consequently, while we are all Saviours in embryo, it is only One in any age that is able to develop the love, the endurance and self-sacrifice necessary for such a high calling, and that One becomes the "Elder Brother" of the race and age to which he belongs.

In St. John, 17th chapter and 21st verse, are these words : "That they may be one ; as thou Father art in me and I in thee ; that they also may be one in us, that the world may know that thou halt sent me :" This hope as expressed in this most beautiful and occult passage clearly demonstrates the belief held by Jesus of a final involution of matter in the same order that evolution had brought it out and up to the point where involution became a possibility.

Much of the controversy between science and religion as well as between different divisions of religious bodies, is due to the unwillingness of one body to fairly consider the disputed points in the philosophy of the other. The ignorant Christian imagines that Jesus must lose in greatness and power if considered from the common standpoint of an evolutionary monad, such as was the beginning of the earthly life of all mankind, though he is often referred to in ecclesiastical works as "the first-born among many brethren." If he is a brother to all the rest of the human race, surely he was subject to the common laws of evolution. We do not desire to detract from the divinity of Jesus-we only desire to show the common origin of the divinity in all mankind.