Shâka Dvîpa

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Shâka Dvîpa, du sanskrit. Une des sept îles ou continents mentionnés dans les Purânas (anciennes légendes).

(source : "Glossaire Théosophique" d'Héléna Blavatsky)

According to the Puranas, the sixth of the seven dvipas (continents or islands) which compose the globe. Esoterically these seven dvipas, among other things, represent our globe and its six invisible companion globes. Jambu-dvipa represents globe D, while plaksha, salmala, kusa, krauncha, saka, and pushkara represent the six higher and invisible globes of our planetary chain. These dvipas also correspond to the geographical continents of the seven great races, and even to the dry-land divisions of the earth during the period of one root-race. Some portions of America, Africa, and Central Asia, with the Gobi region, will have a part in the building of future continental dvipas (SD 2:404).

(source : "Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary", traduction d'Esopedia)

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