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7, le nombre Sept.

Les correspondances fondamentales

Les sept rayons ou hiérarchies.
Les sept couleurs.
Les sept plans de manifestation.
Les sept kumaras.
Les sept principes de l'homme.
Les sept centres.
Les sept planètes sacrées.
Les sept chaînes.
Les sept globes.
Les sept rondes.
Les sept races-racines et les sous-races.
Les sept initiations.

(source : "Lettres sur la Méditation Occulte" d'Alice Bailey, p.229)

Le nombre Sept (leçon 198)

en cours de traduction

Though it tax your belief to the breaking point, I must repeat again, and yet again if necessary, a statement made to the original group of seven disciples called together by the Initiates of the White Lodge in the year 1898 to form the nucleus of a future organization. This statement was in effect that the seven said Initiates had labored diligently for centuries to secure seven highly organized psychically sensitive disciples in incarnation at one tune, who would remain faithful and obedient during the necessary period of their chelaship, in order that they might gain the knowledge and power which would enable them to work in collaboration with the Initiates for the further enlightenment of the more intelligent people of the world, in ways absolutely necessary for growth on interior lines of life. As I then told the selected seven who formed that first group, it remained to be seen how far success would crown the efforts of the units of the group. As the natural span of life for the humanity of the present races of the earth does not allow for more than 50 years at most, in which man in his prime is capable of strenuous, long protracted mental and physical exertion, it tan be readily perceived that many vacancies must have occurred in groups previously formed, before their units were fitted for the work to be accomplished ; and t as part of the necessary training leads to the prolongation of life, the failure or death of even one, at a critical point in training, would leave the group incomplete and valueless as a group, unless the vacancy could be filled at once.

It is now tune that some of the information given to the first mentioned group should be somewhat extended, for there should be those among the students of life who would be fitted for any vacancy which might occur in such a group.

One cause for the secrecy maintained in regard to Numbers by the Masters of Wisdom is the difficulty encountered by the average human being in comprehending the nature of the substances which constitute the first four planes of manifestation. Finite minds are not as yet capable of cognizing the nature of the finer forces or energies, and their relationship to number, although their effects are noted under different names in all the ancient philosophies. It is not until they are reflected or radiated, i, e., until the Three become the Four and Seven, that their nature becomes even approximately understood and noted by the senses of man. This is soon apparent to the inquirer who seeks to discover by mechanical means the secret which only the key of touch, i. e., feeling, will unlock.

Science has striven in vain to discover the source and ultimate nature of Light, Electricity, Heat and Gravity – the Four which become the Seven by differentiation (the last three are Magnetism, Chemical affinity and Cohesion). To reach a better understanding of the main point under discussion – the necessity for a group of seven human beings – it is well to postulate a Central Spiritual Sun as the basic source of the above mentioned energies and of all forms of life in manifestation within the sun and planets of a solar system. The recipients of the radiations from the Central Sun take the form and nature of the said energies and it is as various degrees of those energies that they become evident to the senses of man on this earth.

Somewhat as the spokes of a wheel reach the circumference from the hub, the seven direct rays or energies pass from the Central Sun to the center of the objective sun, thence to its circumference, and again to centers of groups of nebulae, which will become centers of other planets, and thence to man.

The heart of every human being is an embryonic center of a world to be, a point of attraction, as it were ; but in order to receive and be able to respond to the action of the said energies, from the center of the earth, for instance, they must pass first through the seven most highly organized and highly evolved Beings upon or within the earth. These Beings are vehicles for the transmission of attenuated forms or degrees of the energies referred to. They are sometimes erroneously termed Gods ; they are in fact Masters of very high degree. In turn there must be seven lesser beings, end again seven times seven, through whom in constantly lowering degrees those streams or fines of energy must pass in order to safely reach and accomplish their divine mission of growth and development in the masses of less developed human beings, and thence to the heart Center of every other living creature. It is by means of the said energies and their differentiated degrees that all matter in manifestation is created and maintained, and he who comprehends the exactness of all the laws governing physical life understands that there tan be no variations in the enforcement of those laws.

In our postulate I have given you some idea of the methods and principles involved, but no human intellect tan grasp the reason for the use of the numbers, Three, Four and Seven throughout every center of manifested We know their use is the effect of an action of universal law, and must be satisfied with that knowledge for the present. The Masters of high degree select such groups from their personal disciples as are necessary for the furthering of their work. Positions in groups are not matters of choice by the disciples. If a single vacancy occurs in a selected group of seven units, by the passing from earth or the failure of a unit, the perfect interchange of thought and the seven-fold division of Masters who direct their action is broken. The work of the Masters far that group is jeopardized if the vacancy cannot be filled. The privileges of the units of such a group are many, the responsibility is great.

By means of the intercommunication established between Master and disciple it is possible for the Master to so instruct the disciple that he may become a conscious instrument for use in the evolution of lesser orders of the kingdoms of nature, at the same time that he is becoming a unit of a center which will ultimately become the nucleus of a larger organized body, and so aid in enlightening the masses of humanity. Thus, as it were, on strictly mathematical principles, a direct fine is established from the Central Spiritual Sun through the fields of spiritual as well as material life. I say spiritual life, for spirit, is the guide, the director of all the forms of energy which constitute life in manifestation. Naturally I tan gave you but little more than correspondences in such an article as this, but those correspondences or hints may be of incalculable importance if you will be guided by intuition in reaching conclusions. However, you must bear in mind that the energies mentioned are conscious spiritual entities on their plane of manifestation, and that it is only the effects of their action on their own plane which appear as forms of energy to the senses of man on the physical plane.

It is perfectly true that from each solar orb are radiated the streams of energy which supply life force and power of growth, in fines of mathematical precision, to each one of the heavenly bodies belonging to its solar system. In their passing the ether is thrown into waves.

The more highly a human being may be developed the greater the possibility of aligning his consciousness with that of the spiritual Beings who are the vehicles of transmission to and fro from one plane to another, of the finer forces of nature, and the more surely tan he attract and use those nature forces.

All other forms of energy in operation within the physical plane are combinations or differentiations of two or more of the seven beforementioned energies. There is a perfect system of interchange and interaction between the seven streams of energy as they pals from sun to the various bodies of its solar system and thence to all the centers of life upon or within those bodies. Full knowledge of this system is known only to the Masters of Wisdom who have become ; as it were, perfect dynamos of tremendous power, and as a result of their control of the nature spirits they are able to direct some measure of those streams of energy into the channels which tan be used by them for the benefit of the world at large and so help on the evolution of the units of that world Those channels are the seven-fold 'groups of which mention has been made.

(source : Les Enseignements du Temple de Maître Hilarion)